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An Introduction

The Curious Choice Coaches believe that change brings an opportunity to unlock the potential of leaders and their teams, during the change process and beyond. Leading through change is a key moment in a leader’s career and in their team’s story. It’s also the time where more senior leadership are busy making the change happen so usually don’t have the time to support the leaders and managers in their team, and actually would like a coach themselves. We bridge that gap in a time efficient and cost-effective way. Specialist external coaching, and the challenge and support this brings enables all leaders to move their team from the initial change induced panic back to productivity and to align their teams behind the organisational objectives.

Our Key areas of expertise are:

  • Developing Leaders as they deliver change
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership and Management

Key Programmes

The programmes we deliver are all bespoke and customised to the needs of the clients and they include

  • One to one coaching for leaders and managers (delivered virtually)
  • Team Effectiveness Events (virtual and as appropriate in person)
  • Post restructuring or redundancy programmes, for those staying and those leaving

We are also currently focusing on post furlough reengagement

What makes us different?

We provide one to one coaching delivered online via our bespoke coaching platform, which can be customised for your organisation. This allows your leaders to have access to their coach when they need it throughout their coaching programme.

This coaching can be used to support leaders during organisational change, to embed the desired changes, to embed leadership development programmes, to embed cultural values, or to help leaders manage redundancy programmes, and organisational mergers.

Our coaches are all highly skilled coaches with considerable corporate experience, meaning they can both coach and where needed mentor your leaders, so they stretch, grow and deliver greatly.

Our experience makes us well placed to support leaders and managers as furlough programmes end and as they adjust to working in the current pandemic environment, and to deliver programmes to support those leaving a organisation due to redundancy or restructuring.

We believe everyone deserves great leadership and to work in an environment where they can add value and feel valued. 

We are here to make it happen